Empowerment Foundation, Inc.

Body Image, self-confidence, self-esteem, faith in their own talent and worth - These are tested everyday!

Karlecia Swan, MSW Founder


At the delicate ages of 8-12, where there is so much rapid change, the great need for outer validation from peers causes young girls to shut off some of their glorious gifts and true selves. Now, more than every, the media thrusts unavoidable, toxic images of perfection everywhere they look - they cannot escape these illusions, and are constantly comparing themselves to unattainable and unrealistic ideas of perfection. How can our young girls measure up?

1st Lady Empowerment Foundation, Inc. is a tax deductible, non-profit organization that seeks to make a difference in the lives of adolescent girls across Alabama. Through our circles, workshops, public speaking, community service projects, young girls are able to display an increased awareness of self-confidences, positive communication skills, realization of self-discipline, goal-setting, improved relationships with others, develop character and become empowered to grow positively. They learn that possibilities can be realities if they stay focused on their journey.